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This colourful matching game is brought to life through 12 beloved wild creatures from around the world. See who has the greatest memory as you match up 36 FSC large picture tiles (8 x 8 cm)

Made with a multi-level green approach:

  1. Integrated Packaging: The durable packaging was built to provide safe storage no matter how rough the play is! Materials are further saved by including the instruction manual & educational content on the tube.
  2. Green Materials: tiles and a tube made from recycled post-consumer waste carton.
  3. Cause Marketing: Consumers can support WWF by buying toys they love!

Educational Features:

WWF games are designed to enrich your playing experience by introducing endangered species and conservation themes into all time favourite classic games! Memo also promotes natural learning and the development of critical thinking, problem solving, and strategy development skills. Learn about endangered animals and how WWF works to protect them!

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