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Word Magic Mixer : Small World Toys: making dreams since 1962 Play is essential for the development of each child; This Core Philosophy at Small World Toys requires us to create more inventive, engaging Kids’ products.


Kids can play and enjoy the basics of counting, plus learning and sequencing with “Type ‘n’ shapes from Small World Toys.


Stack the shapes according to the pictures on the cards to help develop color, number, and geometric shape recognition.  Simply roll the mixer on the palm of your hand, place it on the table and list the words using the letters on the dice.


The game includes the word mixer and game pad. Learn to list the most words you can using only 7 letters.


Kit comes with sorting peg-board, 50 geometric shapes – Circles, Triangles, Squares, etc., Plus and 16 activity cards to try.  Help little learners build spelling skills with this creative game. At home or on the go, this game is brain-teasing fun for the whole family!


Parents, the Word Magic Mixer helps your child:


Develop vocabulary


Sharpen spelling skills


Enhance creative thinking


A fun, educational game that’s great for travel, too.



Recommended Age:


Suitable for children ages 3 up

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