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This is the reason your mum always told you to pay attention in school!

Unnecessary Inventions, a game inspirired by the hit social media sensation, challeneges players to come up with creative innovative (and ridiculous) solutions to common, everyday problems (that most people don't really care about). Be the player with the most invention cards at the end of the game to win the top spot.

Happy Inventing!!!!

  • Ages 12-120
  • 45-60 Min Play Time
  • 4-8 Players


  • 6 Dry Erase Boards
  • 6 Dry Erase Markers
  • 74 Playing Cards
  • Timer
  • Instruction Manual

How to play

First player draws a card and read the card aloud to all players. Now they all know the problem that needs to be solved and can start to think about their amazing groundbreaking invention!

Each player will need to come up with an invention idea so solve that particular problem as well as a name for their invention, a sketch and a brief description. This is all done on the dry erase boards.

After all players have finished writing out their invention ideas, each player presents their invention. After all inventions have been presented, all players vote for the best invention. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to vote for yourself. The player who gets the most votes, wins that round, and gets to keep the invention time card.

The winner is whomever has the most invention time cards at the end of game play.

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