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Build the Weasley’s magical muggle car with this enchanting UGears Harry Potter Flying Ford Anglia Model Kit!

Pop out the laser cut pieces from the backing sheets and snap them together using the detailed and illustrated instruction guide.

Once assembled, wind the ratchet mechanism in the undercarriage to set it travelling forwards up to 3-4 metres away!

The special spring drive provides the power, whilst the grippy rubber band tires allow it to travel on any flat surface from carpet to concrete to tiles.

You can also open and close the doors, boot and bonnet to reveal the engine, or use the steering wheel to rotate the wheels. It’s up to you to make your Anglia fly!

But, if you want to experience the REAL magic, it's time to activate the secret spring-loaded “ejection” function…

Place Harry’s engraved suitcase in the boot, press firmly on the front number plate, and watch as the boot opens and tosses the contents from the vehicle!

The doors will also pop open as the seats tilt forward, throwing all of the passengers abruptly from the angry Anglia!

It’s the perfect gift for Harry Potter fans or anyone who enjoys building DIY models from scratch.

Everything you need is included in this box; no glue or special tools are required.

Number of components: 246

Estimated assembly time: 6 hours (level of difficulty: medium).

Assembled dimensions: 22.5cm x 8.5cm x 8cm.

Recommended for ages 14 and up.

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