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Romulan people, which is best known as the villain of the [Star Trek] series with the Klingons.
The alliance between these two tribes was signed in a short period of time, and shielding technology to Klingon Romulan,
In the Romulan military buildup is both technical data of the Klingon D7-class battle cruiser is granted
Efforts were made. The figure for the first time an episode of Star Trek Star Trek in the spacecraft Transparency
Romulan battle cruiser expressed. That type of technology obtained from the Klingon D7
Ship was shielding device is provided in a ship of the same type.
- The kit a Romulan battle cruiser faced with an enterprise has left a vivid impression.
- Snap kit so no need glue, also feel free to enjoy the assembly novice I am available.
- Drawn on the underside hull [Bird of Play] is reproduced in the decal.
- Along with the enterprise on sale, please come enjoy the world of Star Trek.

Color - Molding: Metallic Gray
- Clear parts, accessories plated parts
- Comes with decals [Bird of Play]
- Comes with a dome-shaped base

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