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Preschool Champion is the perfect kindergarten or preschool learning toy for all children. Whether your little ones are very young or older and need more challenge, this app will help your child learn to read in an easy-to-understand way!

The Preschool Champion is an enjoyable and engaging curriculum designed to give children an experience with numeracy, literacy and science comprehension. The exciting story-based activities promote social skills while teaching important concepts. Preschool Champion! is one of the most innovative educational toys that support early childhood development. 

This toy helps your child understand how they can be a champion in preschool! This tamable series takes young minds by the hand, having fun while teaching them how to conquer preschool challenges. Each book features a new subject and two mini posters that can be stuck on the covers so children can play along at home and create their own stories!

Preschool Champion! - India Toys is highly recommended for kids who want to develop their skills and nurture their potential. Our learning toys help children learn independently and engagingly. Educators can trust our colourful, fun and age-appropriate learning aids, designed with care to be safe and durable. Online learning toys are available at an excellent price. You've found the right place!

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