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Puzzroll Premium (Fits 3000 Piece)

This premium jigsaw puzzle roll is suitable for all jigsaws from 500 pieces to 3000 pieces.

With a mat size of 95.0 cm wide x 140.0 cm length, you have plenty of room to complete your puzzle and even roll it up for easy movement or storage.

Puzzroll-Premium stores your jigsaw puzzle in a unique easy roll up mat even while unfinished.

  • Spread out your jigsaw puzzle on the felt mat on a table or flat surface.
  • Assemble roller by putting the 3 pieces of tube together.
  • Make sure before rolling up your jigsaw puzzle no pieces are overlapping.  Roll up tightly.
  • When rolled, fix tie bands (3) around the mat at each end and center.  Store loose pieces inside roller.

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