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Use these cards to play more game! Need more cards for the best word guessing game? Buy this  expansion pack to continue the fun and play more Poetry For Neanderthals. 

Introducing the 1st Expansion Pack for Poetry for Neanderthals - More Cards Box 1! Featuring 500 new cards and 2,000 new words and phrases, this expansion pack adds HOURS of gameplay to the core  game.  "

This is an expansion pack. DO NOT BUY THIS UNLESS you already own Poetry for  Neanderthals.  

This box contains 500 new double sided cards. 

Includes 2,000 new words and phrases to use with Poetry for Neanderthals.

It's a word guessing game that forces you to explain mystery words and phrases using simple vocabulary while sounding like a neanderthal. “When you speak good you help team to guess word!

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