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Water soluble and child friendly, the Little Brian Paint Sticks have solid colourful paint that you literally twist up and down, exactly like a glue stick! So, there is no need for water (that always gets dirty!) or brushes (that you only have to clean afterwards!) 

How do they dry?

There is no need for a washing line of paintings across the kitchen with Paint Sticks! The Paint Sticks are extremely versatile and dry within seconds too so unlike traditional paint there is less chance of getting paint on those sleeves! However, for those with advanced artistic ability, the Paint Sticks can also be used with water to produce wonderful 'wash' and blended effect artwork so they will take a little longer to dry.

Our Little Secret...

You may or may not want to tell the kids but a special surface that Paint Sticks can also be used on is windows!  Whether they’re windows around the house or in the car, your little ones can get creative without getting into trouble and more importantly you can be safe in the knowledge it will come off!

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