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When the museum guard tells you about a secret exit and a legend of creatures coming to life at night, you can’t resist the challenge. The latest title in the Host Your Own with All the Family Escape Room series is the Museum Edition. With clues hidden in the exhibits, from dinosaurs, mammals, the solar system and more, you set out to solve the mystery and find the exit before it’s too late.

There are 18 puzzles that need to be completed to escape the museum. You can work through the puzzles at your own pace otherwise try setting a 90-minute timer to complete the game in for an extra challenge.

Access to a pre-made playlist, video introduction and video ending are also included to fully immerse all the players in the game.

This escape room is perfect for the whole family to play. Players can let their imagination take hold as they embark on an exciting adventure together, all from the comfort of their own home.

Ages 9+
Players 2-6

1 Instruction booklet
18 Puzzles
7 Pages of props
1 Cipher
1 Notepad
8 Tracing paper sheets
1 Photo booth frame

You will need:
Internet access
Timer (if you choose to play a timed game)
One pencil per player

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