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The Holden FJ range was produced in Australia from 1953 to 1957. It was the second “All Australian” produced car released by Holden with the FJ based upon the previously released Holden 48-215 range (more commonly known as the FX). The FJ came in various shapes and styles and included a Standard, Business and Special Sedan, a Coupe Utility and Panel Van.

The Special Sedan (of which this model is based) was essentially the luxury version of the FJ. While it wasn’t different mechanically to the Standard FJ, it was the trimmings and comfort / convenience features where the main points of difference could be found. The Special featured leather bench seats which replaced the vinyl ones seen in the Standard version, the front doors featured arm rests, the interior light would turn on when you opened the doors, a cigarette lighter was added, chrome surrounds were added around the gauges, the dash grille extended across to the glove box, the rear passengers had straps to hang on to and knobs on the window winders and windscreen wiper switch were black with a chrome insert. The exterior also featured notable differences including chrome window trims, small fins were mounted onto the rear guards and the boot lid featured a Holden Special badge.

The FJ is an important car in Australia’s automotive history. It became the first car for many Australian families who had never owned a car before during the mid 1950s as owning a car now became more affordable. The various types of models available in the FJ range signalled where the future of Australian car manufacturing would head making production more cost effective and giving the end consumer more choice and the FJ is even credited by some as one of the factors that helped the Australian economy after the Second World War.

If the FX was Australia’s first Holden, then the FJ series really laid the foundations that would influence how Holden moved forward into the future.

This 1:64 scale replica of the FJ Special is a beautifully crafted and detailed model, and the first version produced for quite a long time.

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