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Are you ready for the Head Splat challenge? Head Splat is the wacky water balloon flipping party game that will get the whole family outside. Hang a water balloon from the Head Splat hat, then flip it onto your head. If the balloon lands in the middle of the cup, you'll stay dry - but if it touches the rough rim, you'll get splashed! It comes with the Head Splat hat, an adjustable cord to modify the difficulty, and 24 water balloons. How To Play: Strap on the Head Splat hat, fill one of the balloons with water and hook it to the head Splat cord. Ready, set"¦ flip! Using your upper body (no hands allowed!), swing the balloon toward your head and try to land it in the hat. If it lands in the middle, you"™ll stay dry. But if it touches the rough rim, the balloon will pop and you"™ll get splashed. Here are some tips to make Head Splat even more exciting: - Fill the balloon with any liquid you want - how about juice or slime?! - Vary the length of the adjustable cord - the longer the cord, the more difficult it is to land the balloon safely! For 2+ Players, Ages 8+.

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