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Un-plan your next walk with your pup.  Grab this pack, get a lead, follow the directions and change up your dog walk.

The 15 card Dog’s Edition is designed to add a little bit of spontaneous fun to your next walk with your favourite pooch.

Shuffle the cards and let them lead you.  There are directions that leave your pup totally in charge – turning left with a wag, right with a woof or deciding the direction by which treat he picks or how he responds when you hold out your hand.  We’ve also re-imagined some of our favourite directions from the Adventurers Edition – follow a blue car becomes follow a brown dog.  Stop for a treat is now stop at the next cafe with a dog bowl outside.  And Head for Home (everyone’s least favourite card) is updated to head for home after the next poop!

 Recommended Age: All ages

 Average game time: 1-3 hours

Stand alone or combine: Stand alone

Activity or directions: Mostly direction with a few activities

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