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  • UNLEASH THE FUN: This magical box eliminates every ounce of your road trip boredom! With no screens needed, everyone will interact and have a blast. As a 2019 Game of the Year finalist, you can ditch the old card games for kids and make travel epic!
  • NOT JUST FOR KIDS: It’s perfect for all ages, so get the whole family to play! Children, teens, adults—everyone will be laughing while playing these ridiculous games. No one will ask “are we there yet?” because you’ll be entertained the entire time!
  • GET CREATIVE: Everything needed is in the box including the book that has all of the 60 games for in the car and even some outdoor activities! The only additional thing you need is your imagination and your fellow passengers. It’s the perfect family gift!
  • ULTIMATE PLAYABILITY: The unique game design ensures you’ll play this every time your family sets off on an adventure! The size allows it to fit right under your seat so it’ll always be available as a travel activity for long car ride entertainment!
  • LAUGHTER GUARANTEED: Barry & Jason Games & Entertainment took their love and passion for game shows and comedy to the next level by creating wacky party games for you, your friends and family. Try each game to see all the fun you’ve been missing out on!

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