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Conduct your own real chemistry experiements with the Edu Science Chemistry Lab Kit. The Chemistry Lab is a science kit that consists of a collection of safe experiments to carry out using both the chemicals and equipment included. The set comes with 8 assorted chemicals in plastic containers with safety caps, and 20 pieces of quality equiptment. A comprehensive chemistry lab instruction booklet detailing 80 experiments is included.

The Chemistry Lab Kit is perfect for science-mad boys and girls, encouraging learning and an interest in chemistry.

Box Contents:

8 x Chemicals in tubs with safety caps

8 x Litmus Papers 1 x 100mL Glass Beaker

2 x Test Tubes with Stoppers Test Tube Rack Test Tube Holder

2 x Stopper-Corks 2 x Stopper-Corks with Holes

2 x Glass Tubes Rubber Tube Spout Brush Funnel

6 x Filter Papers Alcohol Lamp

2 x Measuring Spoons

Stirring Rod

Safety Goggles

Instruction Manual

For ages 10 years +

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