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Build towers high into the sky and experience an all new way to play tile-laying classic Carcassonne in The Tower expansion! With eighteen Land tiles and thirty tower floors, you can construct towers to spot your opponents’ meeples, giving you a direct, strategic method of interacting with other players. Gain new actions as your towers grow taller or deny your opponents these actions by placing a meeple on top of a tower to finish it. If you tower grows tall enough, you can even disrupt other players’ plans by capturing their followers and holding them for ransom. Also including Tile Tower accessory to organize your tiles, this expansion supplements your Carcassonne collection like no other. Climb The Tower and see Carcassonne from a whole new perspective!

Key Selling Points

• Focuses on building up, not out, adding a whole new dimension to your games of Carcassonne

• Building towers gives players a direct, strategic method of interacting with other players

• Supplements your Carcassonne collection with eighteen new Land tiles and thirty tower floors, allowing you to discover new strategies

• Features the Tile Tower accessory, which keeps your play area clean while ensuring your tiles are easily accessible at all times

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