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Farmer brown has many Barnyard Buddies on his farm. He has five different types of animals in each of five colors. Every night he has to check the barnyard to make sure all his animals are there. Today, though, they are playing hide and seek. Can you help Farmer Brown find all the animals? To figure out which animal is missing, look at the herd card to discover which animal is not there, then quickly find it among the animal cards scattered about. Be the first to grab the card showing that animal and collect the most to win the game.

In Barnyard Buddies, a bunch of cards depicting various animals in different colors are placed faceup on the table. Each round, one player reveals a "herd card" that depicts four animals, each in a different color. All players race to figure out the animal and color NOT depicted on this revealed card, then point to the card on the table showing that animal and color. The player quick enough to be the first to identify the animal not shown gets to keep the herd card as a point. Then the next herd card is revealed and play begins again.

This quick, mind-crushing exercise continues until the deck is depleted. Whoever collects the most cards wins!

Ages: 5 + | Players: 2 - 8

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