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he year is 1940. The stage is set. Now is your chance to rewrite the story and leave your mark on history.

As the Empire of Japan, you will plan, build, and maneuver your mighty fleets of ships and aircraft in your effort to dominate half the world. When the time is right, you will enter into direct military confrontations with the mightiest economic powers on earth, attempting to cripple them before they can thwart your plans of conquest.

As one of the Allied powers, you must come together with your allies in the recognized need for a common defense. To succeed, you will need to take charge of the economic, political, and military reigns of your world power, because youll be challenged by the greatest naval and air power in the world.

Ages 12+ 2 to 4 Players 6 Hours

1 Game board 1 Battle strip 1 Casualty strip 100 National control markers 16 Industrial complex markers 16 Naval base markers 16 Air base markers 5 National storage boxes 1 Research & development chart 80 Chips 6 Dice

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